With the support of STI Srl, the firm chose equipment for two new production lines.

Firm producing drywall and additional materials for the building trade (Algeria)
(we respect our client’s right to privacy by not mentioning their name)

A project in two stages: supply of moulds and various equipment.


This is a small Algerian  entrepreneur active in the wholesale and retail supply of accessories and components for the building trade, in particular, everything associated with drywall structures, including metal accessories for walls and false ceilings.

Algerian economic policy has recently begun to develop internal production to create employment and reduce importation of products for direct resale on the market. Indeed, they have increased duties and imposed strict limitations including a prohibition on importing goods for which local production is able to satisfy demand.


This has encouraged entrepreneurs to seek investment, principally in the private sector, to launch new production of goods which are only imported at present in order to become leaders also in niche sectors.


In this spirit, the client has asked us to help with a new development plan for the production of different articles.


Initial meetings were necessary to best understand the entrepreneur’s needs. The objective was to be able to provide him with suggestions based on his description of the business structure, with machinery, equipment and structures focussed on investment potential and the reference market.

Next, with full synergy, we prepared a basic draft of the industrial plan which was immediately defined in several stages.

Initial project

Preliminary study

The first stage of the plan is production and launch of the “U-bolt” with threaded hole. Starting from a sample product made by our designers, we launched a rough study of the equipment necessary for production, in particular the mould. Naturally, the study was also extended to detailed examination of machinery already available to the client in order to identify any accessories and control systems, required to define the complete production line.


With regard to equipment, we identified the best solution to achieve the objective, using a progressive step mould with automatic mechanical threader, which allows hourly production of up to 3,000 pieces.


Beginning with a steel carbon ribbon of adequate length and width, we defined the following products in succession:


Thus, STI presented their technical and economic proposal to the client who immediately accepted and confirmed, granting the mandate to proceed with detailed planning and implementation of the mould.

Project launch

Our specialists first analysed the technical and dimensional features of the client’s moulding machine to collect information necessary in terms of space available and overall dimensions allowed. We then planned all the individual mould components such as matrices, dies, binders, springs and all the parts required. At the same time, an Italian firm specialised in the implementation of mechanical and electronic threaders became involved to find the right production accessory.


In collaboration with a trusted mechanical workshop, we implemented the mould using the best materials available on the market – special steels for utensils – and the necessary thermal and superficial treatments, including coating of dies and matrices using specific techniques to improve hardness, optimize sliding and reduce maintenance.

Implementation and testing

Having completed the principal parts, we then moved on to implementation of the first prototypes presented to the client for preliminary approval. Once obtained, we finalised the equipment and implemented the first production lots at a firm near us, specialised in blade production. The client attended in order to personally evaluate the work implemented.


Delivery and production launch

Upon successful completion, the mould was sent. Once it arrived at its destination, our specialists visited the client for installation, staff training and definitive production launch.


Second project


After this first supply, the second stage of the development plan began, focusing on production of a second product: a spring with two holes for suspension of struts for false ceilings.

The procedure was as before, albeit simplified due to STI’s increased  and consolidated knowledge of the client firm.

Raw materials

We started once again by preparing a product sample because no technical specifications or detailed designs were available. The difficulty for this project was choosing the appropriate raw materials. To this end, we involved a firm specialised in the production of steel for springs, which undertook all the chemical-physical and mechanical analysis required and identified the most appropriate material.


With regard to equipment, also in this case the choice was a progressive step mould for a blade of adequate width and length:

  • Cutting outline and holes;
  • Labelling;
  • Folding, cutting and expulsion.

The stages of this second project were similar: study and technical-economic proposal, implementation of prototypes and client pre-approval, completion of the mould and tests for production, transport, installation, on-site staff training and production launch.

Production launch and assistance

As well as supplying equipment, we were also responsible for researching and supplying the raw materials, not available locally.

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