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What can we do for you if you have a firm in an emerging country? Or if you want to begin production in your area?

Our work allows you to produce whatever you wish, even if you operate outside Europe.

We have many years of manufacturing production experience in countries with logistical and environmental complexities, in the mechanical and electro-mechanical sectors.


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Do you want to maximise your firm’s profits?

Do you have a firm in a country with strong growth, yet wonder how to maximize results from  your machinery and production lines?

This is a very common situation. You can increase production by simply re-designing your firm’s chain for creation of value. You can increase profits by innovative designs for your relationship with commercial players in the upward and downward chains of your business as well as rationalising your internal production line.
You can increase profits with innovative re-thinking of your relationships with commercial players both in the upwards and downward chain.


With us by your side, you will always have the right support.

In all these operations we can be very helpful to you, because this is our mission. We support entrepreneurs like you to grow and make their businesses more profitable.

Production lines are not enough. You must choose suppliers, study margins, train staff to reach the right market at the right price. We offer consultancy and assistance for firms like yours.

With us you will always have the right support. We will provide you with technologies, capability and contacts to place you in the ideal position to grow your firm in a completely independent manner, with a renewed network of suppliers. We also provide support for calculating budget forcasts and all cost items.

Soluzioni Tecnologiche Italiane will be your procurement manager, as well as consultants on the financial and engineering side, providing everything you need for your firm to grow.  You can enjoy all the merits and the satisfaction of a successful entrepreneur.

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Do you want to update

the technologies

used by your firm?

Do you want to use technologies

which are more sustainable and

environmentally friendly?

If you’re thinking about this, it’s because you know that by reviewing technologies you can diversify production and open the way to new markets. In recent years, many entrepreneurs have updated their production lines precisely for this reason.

Retrofit of technologies and processes

Often a retrofit of production line technologies will coincide with diversification of your offer. New technologies allow you to produce more and use the same lines to create different products by increasing your markets.

North Africa, South America and Asia…

We have been working in North Africa for many years.  Although our headquarters is in Italy, our staff is always located in the countries where we operate, even those farthest away, and distance is never an issue. We can offer you a complete solution, innovate your production technologies and provide you with the network of suppliers necessary for their maintenance in constant efficiency.

When we work on a project, we make our skills and consultancy available to you.


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Have you ever thought of expanding to new international markets?


Would you like to extend your network of relations and find new clients in markets with strong growth?


If you are a European entrepreneur, you could easily service markets which are geographically far away and even participate in public competitions in those countries.

It’s much easier than you might think.  We can provide full assistance in countries where we have been working for years.

Many Italian and European entrepreneurs have commenced commercial distribution operations of various dimensions in Algeria or Morocco, even beginning with very small investments. There are good economic prospects on offer, as North Africa is a growth market.

Your business could develop in new and surprising directions. We can help by facilitating dealings with local government and bureaucracy, in order to create a network of relations to increase your turnover in that area.

Public competitions

Generating relationships with public and government bodies will no longer be an issue. You can participate in public competitions to win public projects. We will take you through every step. We have been doing this work with European firms for many years, providing satisfaction to all parties. We work on projects, making available the engineering, technical and financial knowledge required, as well as familiarity with the bureaucratic and administrative dynamics of North Africa or wherever it is easiest for your product to find the right commercial harbour.

Many European firms have made this choice. There are multiple advantages: bureaucracy is simpler and markets are still growing.

Would you like to learn more? Write to us and make an appointment.

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Are you a public manager in North Africa?

You must maintain State companies with perfectly efficiency.

It’s not an easy task. The effectiveness of your country’s mechanical, electric and food companies depends on you.

You have a huge job, because you must maintain and respect standards dictated by very complex laws and regulations.

We can help you with discretion and efficiency, respecting the deadlines and rules of your country’s bureaucracy. We have been doing this for years and have gained a great deal of experience.  We also know how to deal with complex bureaucracy.

We are a Italian firm specialised in industrial engineering and production management, working with private and public firms in Africa. We have a global network of relationships and can provide you with all the engineering and organisational support you might need to complete your work, fully respecting deadlines and protocols.

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